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Joe is the Chief Operations Officer of Vanderbilt Financial Group.
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What a human “pause” is doing to our environment.

Posted by Joe Trifiletti on 4/20/20 4:10 PM

We’ve seen the phrases “unprecedented times”, “challenging times” and even “ushering in a new era” in countless articles, emails, and commercials when it comes to the COVID-19 epidemic. And it’s true, we are in unprecedented times in which our human activity has been halted, or paused, for a brief moment in time to ensure the safety of our communities. While the media has focused more on the many negative effects of this pause, portions of the environment have seen positive outcomes.

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Topics: Impact Investing, earth day, Environment

Greenwashing: Deciphering between Marketing Ploys versus Real ESG Products

Posted by Joe Trifiletti on 1/2/20 11:55 AM

Vanderbilt’s 295 solar panels show our commitment to sustainability.


  • Companies who practice greenwashing can make both deliberate claims and unintentionally misrepresent their sustainability efforts.
  • As a Financial Advisor, you can help your clients avoid these bogus claims with resources outlined at the end of the article.

Many businesses promote their credentials with the promises of having green buildings, eco-labels, and clean technologies. But how many of these pledges are authentic? How many of them are just empty corporate spins? We called these inauthentic claims “greenwashing” in our past article “Will "Impact-Washing" Be the New Greenwashing?

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Topics: Greenwashing, Impact-Washing, ESG, Green Finance

Shareholder resolutions: What are they and why should they matter to your clients?

Posted by Joe Trifiletti on 12/20/19 11:46 AM


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Topics: Impact Investing, ESG

Debt Consolidation: Helping Clients Manage Debt

Posted by Joe Trifiletti on 12/13/19 1:22 PM



  • In dealing with debt, you should get familiar with these 3 key factors when considering Debt Consolidation, 3 common Debt Consolidation tools, and their pros/cons.
  • Your goal as an Financial Advisor is making sure clients don’t make the same mistake twice that damages their financial health.

More so than ever, Financial Advisors have become holistic practitioners looking at the complete financial wellness of their clients. Long gone are the days of transaction-based FAs handling 401ks and investments for retirement – Financial Advisors have become embedded in the personal lives of their clients, offering advice on a myriad of financial (and sometimes non-financial) needs.

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Topics: Financial advisor

Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed by a Social Enterprise

Posted by Joe Trifiletti on 11/22/19 4:10 PM


Editor's Note: This is the third and final post in a series for International Fraud Awareness Week, November 17-23. Fraud is one of the most serious issues clients deal with today. We hope that through this series, Financial Advisors gain a deeper awareness of the types of fraud their clients face and an understanding of how to help spot it before any damage is done.

TL;DR Summary:

  • Social Enterprise Fraud undermines the reputation of the Financial Institutions and Advisors who offer unique opportunities for clients to have impact with their investments.
  • There are 5 common types of Social Enterprise Fraud that investors need to be aware of: illegitimate enterprises, corruption, charity fraud, identity theft, and phishing.
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Topics: Financial Advising, Financial Fraud

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