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Black History Month: The Socially Responsible “Black Titan”

Posted by Moira Do on 2/27/20 1:22 PM


Socially responsible businesses are not new concepts. For centuries, people have been using their businesses and investments to engage and better their communities and their environments. We saw this on a local level through examples such as corporate-sponsored community health programs.

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Black History Month: Lauren Simmons, the youngest African American Woman Trader

Posted by Moira Do on 2/25/20 4:32 PM


Women have been historically underrepresented in Financial Services. According to a 2017 study by Stanford University, men comprise 75% of the Wealth Management field and fill 80% of the leadership roles. However, a young black woman from Georgia has continued the trend of women breaking the glass ceiling in Financial Services. In March 2017, Lauren Simmons made history as the youngest full-time woman equity trader at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). “I am proud to have a badge of a trader,” Simmons said of her achievement in an interview with LinkedIn.

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Introducing the SDG Action Manager

Posted by Moira Do on 2/20/20 1:02 PM

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“What Advice Would You Give to A Young Financial Advisor?”

Posted by Jeso O'Neill, Chief Marketing Officer on 2/3/20 9:00 AM


Being a young Financial Advisor is not easy. Building your client base takes a lot of time, effort and patience but the payoff can be a lifetime of relationships cultivated. We sat down with several Vanderbilt Advisors and asked them “What advice would you give to a young Financial Advisor trying to make it in Financial Services?” As you read on, you’ll notice most Advisors aren’t giving advice on products or services. There’s a thorough line of advice around communication, listening and relationship building.

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3 Misconceptions about the Financial Advice Industry, as told by our Advisors

Posted by Jeso O'Neill, Chief Marketing Officer on 1/30/20 10:31 AM


  • The Financial Services industry is not all about greed. Many Advisors’ intrinsic drive is helping others with planning their goals or driving capital towards impactful ventures.
  • Financial Planners providing thoughtful and customized roadmaps that cater to exceptional circumstances in wealth management is an advantage over Passive Investing.
  • Financial Advisors do want to bridge the Financial Literacy gap and teach clients the fact-based financial concepts relevant to their situations.
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