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Joe is the Chief Operations Officer of Vanderbilt Financial Group.
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Robocall Scammers are Targeting Asian Americans at Accelerated Rates

Posted by Joe Trifiletti on 11/18/19 2:49 PM

Editor’s Note: This is the first post in a series of blogs for International Fraud Awareness Week, November 17-23. Fraud is one of the most serious issues clients deal with today. We hope that through this series, Financial Advisors gain a deeper awareness of the types of fraud their clients face and an understanding of how to help spot it before any damage is done.

TL;DR Summary:

· Asian Americans have become good targets for fraud. Their inclination towards loss aversion and fears related to immigration issues are a few reasons why scammers are targeting this population.

· Illegal Robocalls are a major issue being investigated by the FCC and the FBI.

· Robocalls have caused severe financial loss amongst Chinese Americans specifically with a reported loss of $164,000 on average per incident according to FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

· Financial Advisors can help their clients save thousands of dollars from four handy tips on how to spot Robocall fraud.

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Topics: Financial Advising, Financial Fraud

Two Industry Leaders Working to Standardize ESG Reporting

Posted by Joe Trifiletti on 11/14/19 11:14 AM


In September 2015, news of Volkswagen's prolonged dishonesty regarding the U.S Clean Air Act and air pollution tests wiped out close to $17.6 billion in their market value — making the stock of the largest automaker in the world plunge 23% according to Bloomberg. This emission scandal highlighted the need and importance of environmental, social, and governance criteria (ESG) in evaluating the risk factor of potential investments in companies. More than ever, investors are looking beyond financial returns and want the companies they invest in to be responsible for their environmental impact, the conditions of labor, and other behaviors that have a profound effect on the planet and people. ESG data provides a way to hold companies accountable for their actions beyond the PR campaigns and potential “ greenwashing” their marketing departments put out there. But how is ESG data collected, analyzed, and reported?
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Topics: Impact Investing, ESG

Top 3 Advantages of Being an Independent Financial Advisor

Posted by Joe Trifiletti on 9/4/15 4:11 PM

 For many Financial Advisors, working for a huge investment company or wire-house can mean long hours, arduous processes, and required products in which the advisor has no interest.  If you ever find yourself frustrated with the slow procedures of the back office, a sales manager sitting on top of you, or a lack of flexibility in choosing what’s best for your clients, it’s about time you consider a move to an Independent Broker Dealer!

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