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Five Ways to Weed Out a Bad Pot Investment

Posted by Steve Distante on 2/5/18 1:54 PM

Come on, all the cool kids are doing it. With names like Joe Montana and Snoop Dogg jumping on the bandwagon, cannabis (marijuana) isn’t just something for those late night frat parties anymore. Welcome marijuana into the mainstream, where it’s easier than ever to invest in cannabis companies through an exchange, commingled fund or private venture interest. Before you get hooked though, advisors should know the five ways to sniff out the stench of a bad cannabis investment.

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Advisors: Prepare Yourselves for the Opioid Crisis

Posted by Steve Distante on 1/28/18 10:48 AM

When people think of a financial advisor, what comes to mind are Roth IRA conversions, tax planning and investing your 401(k). Nobody thinks a financial advisor has the power to save somebody’s life.

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Jed Emerson, Impact Investing Shining Star, On How Advisors Can Build Their Businesses

Posted by Vanderbilt Financial Group on 12/14/17 9:02 AM

Every so often, it’s great to get some motivation from the top. We were honored that our CEO Stephen Distante was able to speak with internationally recognized thought leader Jed Emerson, an impact investing strategic adviser known for his work helping individuals and institutions seeking to leverage the greatest financial, social and environmental impact from their investments.  His words give us great insight into the meaning and purpose of capital and how financial advisors can best integrate impact investing into their practice.

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The Time is Right for Young Financial Advisors to Strike with Impact Investing

Posted by Vanderbilt Financial Group on 11/17/17 12:04 PM

Being a young financial advisor is no easy road. In addition to clients perceiving you as “green behind the ears”, it is a gargantuan task to convince someone to trust you with his or her money when you have less than $10MM in assets under management. This is all changing, however, with shifts in investor demographics and a growing consumer preference for more socially and environmentally friendly strategies. Unlike ages past, demographics are now working in favor of younger advisors. Another factor working in young advisors’ favor is the graying of the industry. Now is the time for young advisors to partner with the more senior advisors who are looking to exit within the next 5 to 10 years. This will create continuity for their practices and a viable succession plan.  There is such a shortage of young advisors in the industry that the opportunity there is ripe for the taking!

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Impact Investing: Temporary Trend or Paradigm Shift?

Posted by Vanderbilt Financial Group on 10/20/17 1:23 PM

Many advisors are still hesitant to jump into impact investing. We asked Managing Partner at TriLinc Global, Joan Trant, to share her thoughts on this increasingly talked about approach to investing.

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