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Founded in 1965 and located in Woodbury, NY, Vanderbilt Financial Group is the “Sustainable Broker Dealer.” The firm is the first Independent BD committed to investing with purpose. Through Impact Investments the firm offers investments in socially and/or environmentally responsible, ethical, and impactful opportunities. In 2014 the firm was recognized with the MAP Vital Factors Solutions® Presidential Award for achieving excellence through implementing the MAP Management System™. Vanderbilt’s refreshing, unique, and progressive culture is a driving force to continue to be innovative constantly striving to positively impact their community.
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DOL - Delayed or Dead?

Posted by Vanderbilt Financial Group on 2/9/17 10:52 AM

If you’re like us, you rejoiced last Friday (Feb 3, 2017) as you watched President Trump sign the Executive Order effectively taking a stand to dismantle the DOL Fiduciary Rule that has been on the minds’ of Financial Advisors across the country for over a year. We sighed a sigh of relief as we thought eliminating the impending rule would save us headaches, hurdles, and “Unintended Consequences”.

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Topics: DOL Fiduciary Rule

Senior$afe Act Protects Advisors Too

Posted by Vanderbilt Financial Group on 2/2/17 3:56 PM

In our blog series on elder abuse (“Elder Abuse: Avenues of Attack”) we brought to light the issue of elder abuse and how it can affect a Financial Advisor’s practice. In our second installment (“How to Protect Your Clients and Your Business Against Elder Abuse”) we mentioned some strategies of protection, briefly mentioning the Senior$afe Act.  This bill, if passed by congress, can hugely help to protect advisors, so here are the things you need to know.

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Topics: Senior$afe Act, Elder Planning, Elder Abuse

DOW 20k Milestone Reached! Now What?

Posted by Vanderbilt Financial Group on 1/27/17 12:49 PM

In just the first few days of Donald Trump’s Presidency, the Dow Jones broke a 120 year record.  On January 25th the Dow surpassed 20,000 sparking rejoice on the floor of the NYSE and the trending hashtag #dow20k.


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Topics: DOW 20k, Donald Trump

How to Protect Your Clients and Your Business Against Elder Abuse

Posted by Vanderbilt Financial Group on 1/19/17 2:52 PM

In last week’s blog post, “Elder Abuse: Avenues of Attack” we highlighted ways that elder clients are vulnerable to being abused and taken advantage of. We outlined the avenues of attack so that you can now identify red flags when they arise and take action to protect your clients and your business.

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Topics: Elder Planning, Elder Abuse, FINRA

Elder Abuse: Avenues of Attack

Posted by Vanderbilt Financial Group on 1/13/17 4:06 PM

Elder Abuse is increasingly becoming an issue that Financial Advisors need to prepare for. As our clients get older, they are more and more vulnerable to a host of abuses that can cause huge losses to assets which can severely hurt a Financial Advisor’s book of business and open up to possible legal trouble. We’ve created a list of the ways Elders can be abused so that you can stay informed and proactive against scams.

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Topics: Financial Advisors, Elder Abuse

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