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The Top 3 Things Clients are Afraid of (And How to Ease Their Fears)

Posted by Moira Do on 10/31/19 10:31 AM


The origins of Halloween date back 2000 years ago when the Celts, who lived around Northern Ireland, celebrated their New Year on November 1. This day was believed to be the beginning of a dark, cold winter with low food supplies, and increased opportunity to meet a mortal’s end. It was said that on the evening before this new year, the boundary between the world of the living and the dead was believed to become blurred. Ghosts and ghouls returned to Earth with tricks and spookiness abound.

Now a popular holiday worldwide, Halloween’s frightening undertone isn’t only because of the spooky costumes, it’s also the stories we pass on to one another. Each industry deals with scary stories and fears that aren’t always life-threatening or haunted, but still a scary story indeed. To commemorate this, we gathered a group of Vanderbilt Financial Advisors to pass on their stories about the worst fears they see in clients and how they ease them.

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Topics: Client Relationships, The October Effect, Investment Fears

The October Effect: How to Overcome Stock Market Fears

Posted by Joseph Trifiletti, President on 10/22/19 3:29 PM


Stock Market Fears

The four-day Stock Market Crash starting October 24th, 1929, remains the worst Stock Market crash in U.S. History. Another ominous event in our collective memory happened on Monday, October 19th, 1987, when a sudden and largely unexpected stock market crash affected markets around the world. Stock markets fell in Hong Kong (45.5%), Australia (41.8%), Spain (31%), and the United States (22.68%). It was such a bleak day that it has been referenced countless time in popular culture as “Black Monday.”

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Topics: Investment Behavior, The October Effect

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