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Financial Futures for the Holidays

Posted by VBLT Marketing on 12/15/20 3:15 PM


The difficult year of 2020 has taught us countless lessons. Unfortunately, many have learned this year that our financial futures are not always guaranteed; an unexpected event such as a worldwide pandemic can cause mass unemployment, market instability, loss of income streams due to illness or death, and other financial problems.

As a result, you may be thinking of ways that you can give your children or grandchildren the gift of a stable financial future. With the holidays quickly approaching, here are some great gift ideas to ensure financial security for the younger generations in your family.

For the Future College Graduate

If you have reason to believe that your child or grandchild may one day attend college, a 529 plan is a must.

A 529 plan is a tax-deferred account designed to help pay for the designee’s education. Not only do 529 plans grow tax-free but are tax-free in withdrawal (when used for a qualified expense). Given the ever-increasing price of college, setting up a 529 gives any future student a huge advantage.

Worried about what will happen to the money if your child or grandchild decides not to enroll in college? 529 plans offer various solutions to this exact scenario. They can be used for trade schools, vocational schools, and apprenticeship programs. Additionally, the account’s owner can transfer the plan to another family member for their use.

For the Environmentalist

If you’re looking for a holiday gift to delight an environmentalist while also assisting them financially, look no further than World Tree. World Tree’s Eco-Tree Program unites investors and farmers in making an environmental and economic impact on the world.

As a gift for your environmentally-conscious loved one, you can make an investment in World Tree starting at $3,000 per acre of trees. In approximately 8-12 years, the trees will mature and your loved one will receive a portion of the proceeds of the tree’s lumber. An investment in World Tree is not only a financial gift, but an environmental one, as it allows the receiver to reduce their carbon footprint and support nature while making a profit.

You can learn more about World Tree by reading our blog, “What is World Tree?

For the Socially-Conscious

The events of 2020 may be leading you, or your child/grandchild, to want to be more socially-conscious about your financial decisions. In this case, a high-yield savings account would make an excellent gift, particularly one with a Black-owned Credit Union or Community Bank. Black-owned financial institutions are integral in fighting systemic racism, as they work towards financial equality for people of color. A high-yield savings account opened at a Black-owned Credit Union or Community Bank helps your child or grandchild secure their financial future while also supporting racial equality. has a robust list of Black-owned banks by state.





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