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Steve Distante

Stephen Distante is the CEO (or as Steve likes to be called, “Chief Entrepreneurial Officer”) of Vanderbilt Financial Group, which was founded in 1965. As the leader of Vanderbilt, Steve serves the advisors and clients by responsibly managing the firm and by instilling a culture of compliance, kindness, and helpfulness. His most impactful purpose is to ensure that all facets of the company are working effectively and efficiently while always looking for the next, smarter, and better way to do things. Steve keeps constant focus on the big picture and working on the business not in the business. He also holds the Vanderbilt Management Team accountable for preserving the vision and goals of the firm to ensure its success and longevity. A key ideal held among the Management Team is being in alignment. As Steve puts it—“We all have our oars in the water and rowing the same way!”
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7 Reasons Financial Advisors Should Say Goodbye to Paper

Posted by Steve Distante on 11/20/15 4:34 PM

Implementing a paperless initiative in your practice can increase efficiency in a big way. Utilizing a straight through processing system with electronic documents and signatures will decrease time, human error, storage, and (undoubtedtly) headaches.  

Many businesses hesitate to invest time, effort and money in modern technology that would improve the overall work flow in operations. In the broker dealer world, constant regulation changes and FINRA guidelines amend the way paper is handled and archived. In turn, Financial Firms are challenged with strenuous compliance requirements to make certain all documents are accounted for and signed appropriately.

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Gen X'ers (1965-1980) A Forgotten Generation?

Posted by Steve Distante on 11/13/15 4:35 PM

While the industry is ultra focused on Millennials inheriting Baby Boomer money and taking over the market in big way, many advisors are forgetting about the demographic that is at the peak of their earning years right now – Generation X.

This generation makes up 60 million people. This is a huge demographic for the financial industry which is why financial planners need to start paying more attention to this “forgotten generation” as Investment News calls it.  Gen Xers are skeptical to invest due to the 2008 financial crisis and even more suspicious of hiring a Financial Advisor, fearing they will be taken advantage of. According to a 2014 Allianz Life Survey, 75% of Gen Xers believe financial advisors are just out to sell them something and make money for themselves. It's possible to turn this stat around if you understand their financial pain points and speak their language.

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80% of Financial Advisors Claim to Use Social Media; But Do They Really?

Posted by Steve Distante on 10/23/15 3:41 PM

A new study found that almost all Financial Advisors use social media to market themselves, but with compliance constraints weighing in, many advisors find themselves unable to post meaningful content.


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How to Utilize MAP as a Broker Dealer

Posted by Steve Distante on 8/28/15 5:07 PM
Achieving excellence through implementing the MAP Management System within Vanderbilt Financial Group substantiates the 2014 MAP Vital Factors Solutions Presidential Award! 

What is MAP?

MAP, or Management Action Program is an extremely successful performance improvement consulting firm. MAP calls themselves a “business transformation agent” that helps management teams develop alignment, focus, and growth. MAP has helped over 15,000 organizations and 170,000 leaders over their first 50 years, and Vanderbilt Financial Group is proud to be included in such successful community.


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