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Why I’m Tesla’s #1 and/or Biggest Fan

Posted by Steve Distante on 2/28/18 8:37 AM
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If you do a search on Google, you’ll see that I’m known as Tesla’s #1 fan. If you’re curious as to why, or just a lover of the brand as much as I am, then read on to hear why I love Tesla.

Entrepreneurial Leader

My love for Tesla first started when I saw Revenge of the Electric Car. It was a documentary about the impact that electric vehicles could have. I also learned how Elon Musk, whom I really admire, risked everything he owns for his purposeful business. To me, that’s what entrepreneurship is all about.

I love it when I see a business owner who is so passionate about what he or she does that he has the commitment to drive through (no pun intended) a wall to get the product out into the world. To me that is what it takes to make a difference.

To me, having your business be congruent with what you believe and value in life is the only way to do it. This is the principle upon which I have operated numerous companies, most prominently Vanderbilt Financial which is known as the sustainable broker dealer firm. We help people invest in things that are environmentally and/or socially beneficial. We have a sister organization, Impact University, which educates investment advisors and the public who want to learn more about impact investing.

A Business That Keeps on Giving

I collect cars. I get bored easily, however Tesla has kept the ownership experience fresh with its frequent improvement and “unlocking” of features. For example, when I bought my Model S, it had the autodrive feature, but it was not activated because it had not been approved by the regulators for highway safety. So I had to wait, but that was the exciting part. And then there are the goodies that are added because of user requests as you will read below.

Elon Musk isn’t just an automotive CEO. He’s a brilliant technologist, a passionate entrepreneur, and a natural leader. What I like most is how he has been able to connect all of these attributes to the environmentalist in his heart. In that way, he is a model of congruence. He doesn’t go against what he truly believes to make a dollar. In fact, his business makes his passion for doing good come alive and he’s impacted millions of people and the world!

I hope to meet Elon Musk one day and Elon, if you’re reading this, please get in touch with me and I’ll take you for a ride in my Roadster!

Noble Mission

As stated on Tesla’s website, the company’s mission is to “accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass market electric cars to market as soon as possible.” In addition, Teslas are some of the world’s safest cars. The electric engine is much more efficient than a gas powered one, the sensors are sonar, radar, and visual, it can self drive, the “bug eye” camera offers higher visibility, and the center of gravity is lower to the ground which makes it incredibly stable.

Tesla is a great thing for the world. The company has challenged the status quo and elevated the level of technical sophistication in the automobile industry. In doing so, it has helped preserve our planet and saved many lives. It is my goal in life to have my business do the same.

Coolest Technology

One weekend I woke up to these great new features I received via WiFi in my model S. Happens all the time, one time my rear view camera went from wide angle to bug eye, overnight! No money, just free enhancements, love you Tesla!

tesla page.jpg

You can also see in this video I made about my Tesla that the features are built to make life easier for the owner. You can actually move the car using the app or your key fob. So if some knucklehead parks really close to your car and you can’t get in, the car pulls out of tight spots to let you in! Sleek and streamlined, this is truly embracing the technology of the future.

The center screen is massive so that you don’t have to squint to read it, and the menus that you frequently use are displayed first. The screen is high resolution and highly sensitive to touch so you don’t have to repetitively hit the screen. The car has only two mechanical buttons, the rest are controlled by the screen. It really is a minimalistic car with no hooks or driver cabinet compartments, with the exception of the glove box.

I mention all of this because the technology creates an amazing experience for the drivers and passengers. These cars were built to serve. The experience goes past being in a machine. These cars have personality and character and a uniquely personal element that makes the user feel comfortable.  The car becomes an extension of the driver. Tesla is a great example of how businesses can advance life for society to the next level.

Humorous and Quirky Features

I said Tesla has character, but let me go a step further. There are aspects of Tesla cars that are downright amusing.

Elon put these “Easter eggs” into the car. You can see them starting on frame 1:50 of my car video. After you type in the 007 code, there is a picture of the car converted into a submarine!

Tesla was designed with a sense of humor. The car operates in high speed modes called “ludicrous” or “plaid” after the move Space Balls.

Cost Efficiency

Skeptics argue that Tesla is not a cheap car to own, and will never reach widespread popularity for that reason. The upfront cost may be too much for some, but look at all the money you save in the long term. I am of the view that you can’t afford to not own a Tesla.

To start with, there’s free internet and free WiFi. The updates are free. There’s practically nothing to maintain like you would have in a fossil fuel consuming car: no oil changes, no need to tank up on gas. The entire car except for the B Column is made of aluminum so the car doesn’t rust.

In other words, the extra things that you normally are on the hook for are not a factor in Tesla ownership because of the way the advanced technology used in the design. In all honesty, the only thing that really goes is the tires. 

Summing It Up

I started with a Chevy Volt and was an early adopter of the electric car movement. I now own 2 Teslas, including a Model S and the original Roadster.  Is anyone else as passionate a Tesla fan as I am? Comment below and let me know.

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