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Women & Investing: Their Growing Impact By The Numbers

Posted by Jerry McNulty on 3/24/23 10:33 AM

When it comes to investing and finance, recent history has shown a lack of equality. The financial barriers faced by women are unique. There are a number of challenges, including the gender pay gap and the demand for childcare. Throughout most of history, women have been excluded from finances, and this only changed in the last few decades. Women have also been challenged by the pandemic, which disproportionately forced them to take on homeschooling and caregiver roles.

Traditionally women have been less likely to invest than men, and this has had serious repercussions over time. On average, women's retirement income is about 83% of men's. In addition, women are 80% more likely than men to become impoverished after age 65, according to the National Institute on Retirement Security.

Although much of the data shows inequality in the industry, there is a cause for hope. Women have seen a significant increase in their wealth share since 2018. Recent data shows that more women are investing than ever before and when given the opportunity are successful. The data below shows the success and impact women have on the financial industry and the potential there could be if there is a stronger push for equality and inclusivity in finance.




Topics: ESG, women's history month, women in finance, women, Financial Literacy, Inclusiveness, infographic

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