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What is a Reg A+ offering?

Posted by Vanderbilt Financial Group on 10/19/20 12:04 PM


A Regulation A+ offering, also known as a Reg A+ offering, is a public offering that is exempt from registration requirements as instituted by the Securities Act. Regulation A+ offerings cannot exceed $50 million in any 12-month period and must still file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) despite the exemption.

There are two different tiers for Reg A+ offerings: Tier 1 offerings cannot exceed $20 million dollars in any one-year period, and Tier 2 offerings cannot exceed $50 million in any one-year period. Some people refer to a Reg A+ offering as a “Mini IPO.”

How does it differ from other offerings?

The one major aspect that differentiates Reg A+ offerings from other types of offerings is that nonaccredited investors can invest in Reg A+ offerings. This means that the general public is allowed to invest, which is not true for other types of offerings such as Regulation D offerings, which only accept funds from accredited investors.

Why choose Regulation A+?

There are various advantages to Reg A+ offerings over other types of offerings, such as:

  • The ability to accept investments from the general public
  • Tier 2 offerings are exempt from state review
  • The ability to publicly advertise to raise money
  • Companies can “test the waters” or gauge the public’s interest on investing before committing to a Regulation A+ offering
  • Can be cheaper and/or easier than an IPO (Initial Public Offering)

World Tree

The World Tree Eco-Tree Program is one example of a Regulation A+ offering. This means that the general public is allowed to participate in a unique opportunity to help protect our planet while investing in the timber industry. Learn more about World Tree at their website.

If you are interested in joining World Tree in fighting climate change and creating a legacy, visit Vanderbilt.Eco to contact a Financial Advisor.


This is neither an offer to sell, nor a solicitation to buy, a security, which can be made only by the prospective investors if it is preceded or accompanied by the Offering Circular, which contains various and important risk disclosures. This material does not purport to be complete and should be read in conjunction with the Offering Circular. All potential investors must read the Offering Circular and no person may invest without acknowledging that they have received, read, and fully understand the Offering Circular. The Offering Circular can be read at

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