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Impactful Insights with SmartTrust: Part 2

Posted by Vanderbilt Financial Group on 3/16/16 11:48 AM

Vanderbilt Financial Group CEO and Impact Enthusiast, Steve Distantehad the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with Kevin Mahn on February 19th, 2016. This is part two of our two part interview series; if you missed part one, you can check it out here! 

Kevin is the Chief Investment Officer of SmartTrust® UIT. Steve nicknamed Kevin, the “Chief Impact Officer” after learning of his passion for sustainable and responsible impact investments, what Kevin calls, “the new SRI”. 

In the video below, Kevin talks about why investors should consider Impact for their portfolios, highlights SmartTrust® UIT, and discusses the companies partnership with Argus Research and IW Financial. 



Clients Want to Know

Like all Impact Advisors, Kevin believes that investors should consider impact for their portfolios, but understands the hurdle of encouraging clients to join the Impact Movement. Kevin says the solution starts with better educating your clients.  Many investors are still unsure of the differences between Socially Responsible Investments and Impact Investments. Once they understand Impact, you’ll find that both young and old investors care about Impact and they will feel good about where their investments are going.

Advisors, Take Note!

Kevin also explains that it’s important for advisors to be paying attention to the impact movement due to the wealth transfer from the baby boomers to the Millennials.  In order to be prepared for this huge shift and to create sustainability in their practices, advisors must orient themselves with the investing goals of Millennials, and Impact Investing is where to start.

Look No Further

Impact products can be difficult to find - SmartTrust is the only UIT in the industry that is focused on Sustainable Impact Investing.  SmartTrust has partnered with Argus Research and IW Financial to create an extremely in depth and well-rounded product that applies a diverse set of ESG criteria combined with Argus Research to identify Sustainable Impact Investments that are expected to perform in rising cost over the next12 months.


Download Kevin Mahn’s White Paper on Sustainable Impact Investing; The Next Step in the Evolution of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) 

White Paper: Sustainable Impact Investing

About Vanderbilt Financial Group:  Founded in 1965 and located in Woodbury, NY, Vanderbilt Financial Group is an Independent Broker Dealer known as the Sustainable Broker Dealer committed to investing with purpose. The firm offers Impact Investments in socially and/or environmentally responsible, ethical, and impactful opportunities. In 2014 the firm was recognized with the MAP Vital Factors Solutions® Presidential Award for achieving excellence through implementing the MAP Management System™ and in 2015 became the first LEED Platinum office building on Long Island. Vanderbilt’s refreshing, unique, and innovative culture is a driving force to constantly strive to positively impact their community. To learn more, check out

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