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Impact U: Your One-Stop-Shop to Understanding Impact Investing

Posted by Vanderbilt Financial Group on 11/7/16 9:21 AM

Have you ever wanted to invest with your values to build a brighter future alongside a stronger portfolio, but couldn’t find product?

Ever been confused about the difference between Philanthropy, Socially Responsible Investing, Sustainable Investing, ESG Investing, and Impact Investing, but couldn’t find a solid answer?

Ever tried to explain the impact movement to a client who thought it was just a fad?

Well, us too, but good news - we’ve found the solution and it’s a free collaborative platform called Impact U.

Impact U is an online community dedicated to teaching students, investors, and financial advisors about Impact Investing. It’s a think-tank made up of interviews and original content from Impact Experts and Enthusiasts with the goal of furthering the Impact movement.



To gain access to Impact U, simply go to and enroll as a student, investor, or advisor. This will ensure that you receive content most appropriate to you each time you sign on. By enrolling, you become a member of the community and can consume the content at your own pace, free of charge. Impact U also has a partnership with the Montreal based, Concordia University’s Sustainable Investment Professional Certification or SIP, the only Impact Investing Certification currently available. Impact U Students gain discounted access to the full curriculum and certification.

Our favorite part?

How easily digestible this program is. Enrolled Impact U Students can consume the original content through short videos, downloadable resources, podcasts, or e-books at their own pace.

The curriculum is also segmented into specific categories that hit right to the point of the questions at hand. The categories are:

1. What is Impact Investing? 

This course is designed to introduce Impact Investing explained by Impact Enthusiasts, Experts, and Pioneers who developed the Impact Investing Movement.

This basic overview dispels the confusion surrounding Philanthropy, Socially Responsible Investing, Sustainable Investing, ESG Investing, and Impact Investing with Explanations and definitions from the experts who have pioneered this investing class.


2. Impactful Insights

Every Impact Expert has an inspiring turning point that led them to fall in love with Impact Investing. Impact U hopes that these stories will inspire students to begin their own impact journey.


3. Impactful Products

This course highlights Impact Products and Investment Strategies, explains how products qualify as Impactful, and details how to implement Impact into portfolios.


4. How To Make Impact With Your Investments

This course outlines practical ways all Financial Advisors and Investors can learn how to invest with Impact and why it is important to do so.


5. SIP Certification

Those Impact U students who want to take their education a step farther can become a certified Sustainable Investment Professional at a 15% registration discount.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s online, self-paced, and self-study. The John Molson School of Business professors mark assignments, provide guidance and conduct themed webinars.
  • You will learn to make informed choices regarding investment opportunities and become knowledgeable about sustainability initiatives in the business world.
  • Graduates are awarded the Sustainable Investment Professional Certificate and join the SIPC network of alumni.
  • Enrolling is easy. Simply:
    • Complete the online application form.
    • Read and accept the program policy and code of conduct agreement.
    • Make sure to enroll as an Impact U student to receive a 15% registration discount.
    • Send your Curriculum Vitae as a scanned document to:
    • Once you receive notification of acceptance into the program, arrange payment.

It's really free

It's not too good to be true - all you have to do to access a host of educational impact investing content is go to and enroll with a unique username and password to offically join the community. That's it! Impact U will continue to grow it's library of content so always check back for more. 



 Impact U Overview Downloadable E Book

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